io 2014

HTC Nexus 9 leak before Google I/O 2014

HTC is going to be official partner of Google to launch a 8.9″ Nexus Tablet and it will be named Nexus 9 and will come with next generation Android version.

HTC Nexus 9 will feature a 8.9″ 2048×1440 resolution Display withb 4:3 aspect ratio similar to iPad. It will also feature Nvidia Tegra K1 processor which packs a 192 core GPU and 2-gigabyte RAM. The tablet will have sleek aluminium unibody which HTC is known for and Nexus 9 owners can be sure of robust build quality.

Nexus 9 will also feature 8-megapixel rear camera with OIS and 3-megapixel front camera and there are also Dual Stereo Speakers on Nexus 9 for Boomsound effect. It will come in WiFi only and optional 3G/4G/LTE variants too along with storage options of 16GB/32GB.

In terms of pricing 16GB WiFI will be priced at $399 and 32GB WiFi will cost 499$ and 4G variant will cost a $100 extra and it is expected to launch on 25th June at Google IO 2014.