Five Best Browsers On Android for making your Internet experience delightful

Yesterday we took a look on Top 5 Android Video Players and today we discuss some of the best Android Web Browsers. Stock Android Web Browser was very advanced but with introduction of Chrome it was gradually replaced by it. Chrome is the World’s most used Web Browser and its from Google. So lets find out the Top 5 Web Browsers and today we won’t be ranking as one way or other most people have their favorites in case of browser due to their preferences.

#Chrome for Android

Get it on Google PlayChrome is one of the best browser with a single bar at top for URL and Search. It also can excellent tab interface and is quiet easy to use. One can easily swap tabs just by sliding fingers on URL bar. Private aka Incognito browsing is also present on Chrome and easy syncing of all your bookmarks from PC version to your phone is another major advantage.

Though Chrome is very good browser it takes lots of resources moreover it struggles on low end devices and as Google moved to WebM and HTML5 there is no support for flash on droid version.

#Dolphin Browser

Get it on Google PlayDolphin Browser is one of the most functional and oldest browser on Android. It supports lots of plugins and makes the work easier. It runs on same webkit version as stock android browser so functionality remains same and it does support flash but adobe has pulled Adobe Flash Player from Play Store but you can always sideload apps on Android. Dolphin browser has neat and clean interface and has tabs like chrome desktop on smartphones too making it real easy to switch tabs.

On the negative dolphin browser is bundled with various services you would find unuseful and takes it isn’t the fastest browser on                                                       Android.

#Opera and Opera Mini

Get it on Google PlayOpera and Opera Mini are different browser from same company so they are presented together. Opera Mini is data efficient web browser for faster browsing of web on slow and limited data connection. Thats it about it as its not full fledged version like all other browsers.

Opera Browser on the other hand is full fledged web browser with off-road mode for data saving and speedier browsing on limited or slower data connection. Interface is more similar to stock and chrome browser and it loads pages faster than all other competition though our next contender is trying to level up by each update.

#UC Browser

Get it on Google PlayUC Browser is amongst the few browsers to support resume and pause of download. UC Browser with server compression technique not only saves data but time and provide rich user experience. With he latest update it even got optimized to deliver higher download speed in downloads too making it the only browser to do so.

UC Browser interface is bit cartoonish and is not that minimalistic as its competitor but it gets the job done which is more important.

Other Mentions

Firefox, Maxthon and Pop Up browser are worth trying.