How to Watch FIFA 2014 live in India on your Mobile or PC

FIFA 2014 has begun with bang and many still are not able to watch FIFA World Cup as they are away from home or travelling but there is a easy way to watch FIFA action live.

Liv Sports app and website will help you to catch all the live action no matter where you are but you will need an internet connection. Liv sports will charge ₹ 120 for access to live streaming of whole tournament and ₹ 60 for live stream of all the matches of one of your favorites team.


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Official Description of App 

LIV Sports is the official online and mobile broadcaster for the 2014 FIFA World Cup TM.

Download the LIV Sports app and be entertained wherever you go!

Enjoy LIVE & Exclusive content from Cricket, Football, NBA, UFC, Tennis, Motorsports and TNA.

Subscribe and watch all the action as it happens.

With the LIV Sports app, you will never miss out on the sports you love.

The interactive timeline helps you view the highlights and replay game-changing moments, even while the match is LIVE.

Analyse the game with the real-time stats and in-game commentary on the Match Centre.

That’s not all.

The app includes entertaining games that will keep your fingers tapping.

Take your pick – Fantasy Football, Score Predictor, Mohit Bana Messi and Pehchaan Kaun?

LIV Sports is also available for your tablet and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. So grab your popcorn and sit back, the games are about to begin!

LIV Sports features to look out for:

LIVE & Exclusive Video Streaming in the Indian sub continent

Real-time Scores, Statistics and Commentary

Advanced and interactive Video Timeline

Full HD Quality Videos

Full Match Replays

In-app Games

Note: 2014 FIFA World Cup videos will only be available to users from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives & Bhutan