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TOP 5 Racing Games For Android

After bringing you the Top 5 Sports Games for Android and Top 5 Endless Runner Games for Android today we bring to you the Top 5 Racing Games for Android Smartphones.

Racing Games are present from very beginning and people like to race even now and will continue loving it so we have compiled a short list of Top 5 Android Games that you must check out on your Android Phone.

1] Real Racing 3

One of the best looking racing games present on android with realistic car racing and highly detailed graphics.Game is free to play on Android and has about 50 cars to get you vroooom vrooooooom vrooooooooooooooooooom. Game has In App purchases too in case you decide to get the best car without loosing a sweat.

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2] Asphalt 8
In case you haven’t heard of Asphalt series of racing games from Gameloft the number 8 is enough in end to let you know they have been there from quite a long time and are still the best in buisness with ultra crips details and graphics, heart stopping stunts, and 47 cars 9 different settings, such as Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada Desert and many more. The background music is also very good making your heart beat every time the car flies in air to perform aerial stunts.

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3] Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Need For Speed Most Wanted is that racing game that doesnt let you keep your phone down. With experience of EA in racing games their expertise can be seen in ultra simple game with easy to play controls, superb graphics and track designs, long list of cars, thumping background music, and best physics.

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4] Riptide GP 2

After the huge success of Riptide GP vector unit decided to launch a sequel to Riptide GP and it was too a massive hit. This hydro jets racing game let you race on water online and has a very good career mode too. There is a long list of stunts that you can perform and Google Play Services can keep track of all your acheivements while you can brag about it on Google Plus. These game is of smallest size among all of the above yet graphics are so nice you are going to think how did they manage to get such an awesome game in such a small package.

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5] Sonic Racing Transformed
After winning hearts of millions of PC gamers Sonic Racing Transformed has finally landed on Google Play. It has all sonic characters and is a beautiful Kart type racing thats very funny and addictive. Multiplayer is still not live but will come soon and there is tons of social sharing options if you like to keep your friends updated about your in game progress.

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