HTC Nexus 9 leak before Google I/O 2014

HTC is going to be official partner of Google to launch a 8.9″ Nexus Tablet and it will be named Nexus 9 and will come with next generation Android version.

HTC Nexus 9 will feature a 8.9″ 2048×1440 resolution Display withb 4:3 aspect ratio similar to iPad. It will also feature Nvidia Tegra K1 processor which packs a 192 core GPU and 2-gigabyte RAM. The tablet will have sleek aluminium unibody which HTC is known for and Nexus 9 owners can be sure of robust build quality.

Nexus 9 will also feature 8-megapixel rear camera with OIS and 3-megapixel front camera and there are also Dual Stereo Speakers on Nexus 9 for Boomsound effect. It will come in WiFi only and optional 3G/4G/LTE variants too along with storage options of 16GB/32GB.

In terms of pricing 16GB WiFI will be priced at $399 and 32GB WiFi will cost 499$ and 4G variant will cost a $100 extra and it is expected to launch on 25th June at Google IO 2014.


Jelly bean Now on 59.1 percent of android phones.

Google released android version chart for the month of January 2014 and looks like google strategy of launching three versions of jellybean helped them as now jellybean is part of 59.1% of total android phones that are active.

In the latest chart it can be noted that Kitkat is slowly growing with 1.4% share and froyo is almost in existent with 1.3% share. Gingerbread still forms 1/5th share of total active phone and Ice Cream Sandwich is rocking 16.9% smartphones.

Google android Honeycomb is only on 0.1% and we are happy as it was quite buggy when released and google did a tidy job by merging Tablet OS and Mobile OS from Ice Cream Sandwich.

Source: Android Developers