htc one sequel

HTC All New One to be launched on 25th March 2014

HTC is all set to launch the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013 device of the year HTC One and much has been leaked before the official announcement. So lets see a quick pre launch speculation and confirmed specification and features of HTC upcoming flagship.

HTC upcoming flagship fetures and specification are almost completely leaked but one thing is still a mystery i.e. its name though HTC One can be named HTC One 2014 or All new HTC One.

HTC One 2014 will feature a 5″ 1080p display along with onscreen buttons and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.26GHz quad core cpu coupled with 2GB RAM. Internal storage is going to be 16GB/32GB along with external storage slot looks like HTC realised how important external expansion is in mobile phones.

HTC ONE 2014 is going to feature Dual Camera which in my opinion will combat lower resolution problem. HTC will use one Ultrapixel Camera and another normal camera and user can use the one according to situation and things are not clear either so we have to wait for announcement, though front camera is confirmed to have 5-megapixels which is great for HD video chats and selfies.

HTC One 2014 will feature Sense 6.0 with Android Kitkat 4.4 and it will feature some exceptional music recording capabilities and playing too as Boomsound speakers are still present and would have been improved. HTC has kept the premium metallic finish of the original HTC One which would again offer the best looking device in mobile industry.

HTC One 2014 will go on sale immediately after announcement as HTC look forward to mend the time gap it created during last year due to short supply of body and Ultrapixel cameras. HTC One 2014 will be priced at ₹ 45000 in India and will be priced $599 Unlocked and $199 on two years contract in States.

To watch live stream of launch event goto HTC ONE LAUNCH PAGE

Upcoming HTC One M8 leaked in 12min video to launch on March 25

HTC has hard time keeping secrets as every year HTC devices leak well before the planned unveiling and this time again a 12min video of Upcoming HTC Flasgship HTC One M8 has arrived.

HTC One M8 will feature a 1080p 5″ display with Snapdragon 800 series processor, on screen buttons, expandable storage slot(finally), Android 4.4 with Sense 6.0 UI, Dual Camera with Dual Led flash and Dual Speakers on front for boomsound.

HTC One M8 features same design language but has a brushed metal appearance in back though nothing can be said for sure at this stage as it is prototype and not a retail unit but final device will be similar.

HTC has selected 25th March to unveil its shiny new flagship as HTC One though not selling in high quantities like Samsung and Apple flagship but it created a very positive impression and is still the best looking phone as it garnered positive response from critics around the globe.

It will be wait and watch if HTC can grown on success of HTC One or will HTC One M8 will put a final nail in HTC coffin.