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Winter is Coming with Android L Release!!!

Google launched Android L preview for developers and will launch it to general public these winter. Google has done an excellent job in refining UI and has taken right step to launch a developer preview for first time as all apps can be optimized before the launch of L Release.

Android L Release will feature ART runtime as default which was launched as experimental on Android Kitkat and it promises to deliver twice the performance. Google has also changed all the App design to Material design which will be full of animations and shadows along with depth and moreover it will be fluid.

Google L Release also has lock-screen notifications, Kill Switch i.e Factory Data Reset protection and a whole lot of small features that just makes Android more refined and powerful.

Google also conducted Project Volta to enhance battery life on Android and has introduce Smart Battery Saver and  these all leads to increase in about 10% of battery backup.

Google also teased Apple by saying innovation is Android key point as Android included Custom Keyboards and Widgets Since 2009. Moreover Google reminded 93% of Android Smartphones runs on latest Play Services which ships every 3 weeks.

With L Release Google will bring the design language on par with iOS and that was the only thing I loved about iOS. So Google L Release will be a big hit.

When to expect Google L Release for your device? Don’t worry friends

Winter is Coming Soon.