Are We Becoming Android?- Republic Day Thought

Today I watched the movie Jai Ho and it compelled me to think about the society as i never thought before and to contribute to it as much as I can.

This article is not related to our blog core subject still its somewhere related down the line you can find out.

Android means human robots just like humans but without humanity, we are loosing humanity and becoming more of a robot. Whenever we see anything wrong we maintain silence as we don’t wont trouble to come to us. When sometime we are troubled by similar problems nobody helps us too because we never helped anyone. All everyone needs to do is help anyone in problem whether or not they help us or else expectation from others must not be kept.

After watching JAI HO movie and the wonderful thought of the movie, I already helped three people and won’t stop anytime soon. I will help everyone to best of my capability for my entire lifetime and hope some of our readers too contribute to society and remind themselves money can buy happiness to an extent but if sometime you help someone in need you can feel the divine pleasure in your heart.

Thank You, Salman Khan and entire Jai Ho team for awakening this part of me.