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Loader Droid download manager Review – Best Download Manager

Android has an app for everything you want and the application we are reviewing today is one of them. Loader Droid is a download manager which increases the download speed by multi threaded downloads and has many other functions which we will find out in our review.

Loader Droid has a minimalistic interface with only useful set of actions on front and is very simple and easy to use. Download from any browsers can be routed to Loader Droid as Android OS ask you to select a download options from various browser or download manager you may have preinstalled.

Loader Droid supports download pause, resume and even you can change the download link if your older download link has expired. Auto Pausing of downloads when connection is lost is another great feature as sometimes it can be very handy in case of urgent work. Loader Droid is Internet Download Manager of Android Smartphones as it has most of the features that makes Internet Download Manager the best download manager on PC.

Loader Droid comes in ad-supported version for free however you can say goodbye to ads by downloading the license key for just 2$.

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play
License Key 2$