How to Get Best Battery Life From Your SmartPhone

No matter what we do our smartphone run out of juice before the end of day. After lots of testing and experience here are best tips to get your smartphone last through the day.

1] Turn Off GPS, Mobile Data, Bluetooth
GPS, Mobile Data and Bluetooth suck a lot of power resulting in lesser battery life. When not in use all these option should be turned off to get optimum battery life.
2] Do you really need Auto-Sync
Auto-Sync in android refers to real time connection of your accounts with your phone. If you use two Gmail account, Facebook App, Twitter App, etc all these apps will sync continuously resulting in lesser battery life.
Auto-Sync must be disabled if you do not need instant notification and set to 30mins-1hour interval.
3] Is Your Phone Sleeping.
Pressing the lock key doesn’t mean your phone is sleeping and to know which apps awake your phone more often use wakelock detector.
4] Display is the Mega Sucker
No matter what you do almost half of battery is consumed by display and to get best up time on your smartphone display setting’s must be tweaked. Lower the brightness to lowest possible and you can see difference but its matter of personal choice as some people can’t stay with lower brightness.
Set Screen timeout to 30secs and if you have a Super-Amoled smartphone try using a complete pure black wallpaper as AMOLED are battery friendly in dark background and suck more in light background.
5] So many apps.
Uninstall all un-useful apps and don’t have all IM’s like whatsapp, hike, we chat, line. Try to bring your friends to one network as these will lead to drastic improvement in battery life.
6] Disable System Apps
Many smartphone comes with lots of system apps which are unuseful so go to setting>application>all application and disable the apps you don’t need.
Note: Be careful do not disable certain apps with no icon. Disable those apps only which you can see in app drawer or your phone might give you force close.
7] Root Your Droid
Yes Rooting your phone can save you a lot of battery by underclocking and using apps like Greenify battery life improvement can be huge.
8] Take Care of Battery
Do not keep charging your phone always. All battery have certain number of charge cycles and once you plug the cycle starts and if you unplug your phone the charge cycle ends. If you don’t drain your battery your battery will start getting weak and hence you will get lesser battery life. Charge your phone when your phone reaches 15% or less battery.
9] External Battery
Some phone have a small battery and whatever you do, you can see no advantages. So you need to buy an external battery to charge your phone on the go.
That’s it if you follow all the points you can save 25%-50% battery depending on your usage and if you got any other points please share with us in comments.