Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification [RUMOUR]

Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting all the attention thanks to the popular brand Samsung has managed to grow just like Apple that everyone is on edge of  their seat waiting for device launch while Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is still far away but it will launch by March end.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumoured to have 5.24″ SuperAMOLED display with QHD i.e 2560×1600 pixel resolution with 560ppi. Samsung will use it similar strategy as with other flagships by including Exynos 6 in most Asian markets and Russia and Snapdragon chipset in European and American markets.

Samsung is rumoured to equip 16-megapixel camera with OIS and 4k video recording and front camera is tipped to be at 3.2-megapixels. There will be 3GB RAM for sure in S5 along with options of 16GB/32GB internal storage and battery is expected to be of 3100mAH.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is confirmed to have fingerprint sensor and will come in new design which is yet to be confirmed but there is lot of speculation that it will have a similar faux leather back cover just like Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung is also expected to include some new additions to its Touchwiz UI.

Thats all we know currently about Samsung Galaxy S5 specification but as we know more you will be served the content on our blog do let us know what you are expecting from Samsung Galaxy S5 in comments section below.


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